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Invite Carmen to Your Church or Home Fellowship!

Carmen married her High School Sweetheart, Stacy in small town America in 1995. They have four incredible children:  Caleb, Bethany (and her husband/bonus Son, Ryan), Kaitlyn and Kierstyn. They have two guard dogs, GSD’s Bella and Jäeger, and one ferocious Pomeranian, Goliath (plus another Grandpup Pom Jojo).

Carmen has been teaching Biblical Hebrew and Torah in her home for close to twenty years gathered around in a circle of women – one of her favorite places to be!  She is the founder of Mereas of Grace Torah Fellowship, a teaching and discipling ministry for women, couples and families.

An Oklahomie by birth, Carmen now resides in North Dallas after many years of transitions, both figuratively and geographically.   She enjoys sharing The Living Word framed within its Jewish context so others may learn to ‘Taste, See and Agree’ with Yeshua, The Deliverer and Sustainer of LIFE.

She loves helping women UNCOVER their ‘Divine Fire’.   The Divine Fire of Ezer Kenegdo is the exposition of Genesis 1-3, the Foundation that teaches women how The Creator defines and refines His people that they may walk within ‘The Boundaries of Delight’ once again in Yeshua, The Savior. Investigating the Biblical Text in its original languages, Carmen invites others on this journey teaching that to discover these Truths is to experience restoration and healing inside for the purpose of experiencing healing outside (that is, relationally and functioning by Divine Design).

Carmen ministers weekly to women one-on-one or in a group from her home OR from her desktop in an online format, as a ‘Mereas Mussar LIFE-Coach’. She has experienced both personally and witnessed in other lives within the circle, that ‘the smaller the circle, the greater the healing’.

One of Carmen’s greatest delights is to witness women Tasting, Seeing and Agreeing with the Keeper of The Vine and thus, ‘bearing much fruit’ in her daily living. You can find her breaking down these Hebrew Word Visions on her website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and her Mereas of Grace Podcast. But, still, her favorite spot will always be looking another in the eye, answering to one another for ‘It is Written’ until all realize what it means to WALK IN LIBERTY AND UNITY of THE HOLY SPIRIT Who is Kindness and Truth.

Carmen would love the privilege of sharing  G-d’s Life-Changing Word with your small group, conference or retreat!  

Speaking Topics

Learn more about Mussar LIFE Coaching & The 21 Day Mussar LIFE Journey ministry for your soul…a more personal approach to MASTERING that which is mastering you!  Here is some of what you’ll be learning:

The Fulfilled Woman

The Fulfilled Woman Small Group Bible Study is available in PDF for a suggested donation of $50.  It includes Additional Leaders Tips for successful shepherding.  I will email PDF along with a few personal coaching ideas to make your home fellowship fruitful and productive!

Torah Study

It’s been said that not pushing past the English text of the Bible to learn the Hebraisms of this Incredible life-giving Book is like a man kissing his Bride through a veil. It is true.Torah means ‘instruction’ and comes from the root word yarah which is an archery term meaning ‘to HIT the mark’.  If you want to take your personal AND group study somewhere it’s likely never been before, you’ll find that uncovering these rich Hebrew Treasures is what you’ve been missing!  You’ll learn about your calling as Ezer KenegdoMerea, and being a student of The Living Word.  You are called-out, Woman!  This is ‘discipleship redefined’.

Divine Fire 
(The Revelation of YOU in Genesis 2)

This is a closer look of Genesis 1-3 and the PRESCRIPTION that G-d made WOMAN AND MAN to be as opposed to our DESCRIPTION, what we became when we chose to accomplish something other than G-D’s Holy Instruction to us.   This Divine Message is FULL OF HOPE for every relationship you have and will have – including the closest one, yourself! This will impact your marriage, your motherhood, your neighborhood, your livelihood and your every living moment!  Ask me about hosting DIVINE FIRE in your home or church! Here are a few testimonies from a DIVINE FIRE FOR COUPLES/FAMILIES:

Custom Topics and Fees

If your church or home fellowship is looking for an event speaker for brunches, weekend retreats, workshops or conferences and have a particular theme, please contact me. In a church setting, I love to have round tables set up for women in order to build relationships through prayer and the discussion of His Word.  Please contact me to discuss fees. Shalom!