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  1. Sydney Hewitt
    October 25, 2016 @ 10:55 pm

    Carmen: my friend, my sister, my Hebrew guide! YESSS to all that you have shared with us on Shiny Shackles, Oppressive Yokes, and Heavy Burdens! When we are AT-ONE-MENT with Adonai…
    there is ENERGY, LIGHTNESS, JOY, and COMPASSION for ALL…even OURSELVES! For His Yoke is
    His Chesed! He wraps us in His Faithful Love…like a Yoke laying upon us, and it is like
    CASHMERE…weightless…but CUTS all the COLD and BITTERNESS and envelopes us in His comfort.

    Oh Adonai, my Savior and Friend, wrap us tonight in your Cashmere Yoke, may we REST in
    the comfort of your TRUTH.



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