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  1. Sydney Hewitt
    March 9, 2017 @ 7:43 pm

    YES to all that you have written here Carmen! YES!
    It is only when we come humbly before the Mercy Seat within the Holy of Holies, sitting at the foot of our hovering Father, that we find the counsel that is eternal, never changing, and overflowing with grace and mercy. It is there that we lay our sinful burdens down, and in Teshuva, we can have the confidence to pull back on that bow and HIT THE MARK! This must be a daily journey down our own personal “well-worn path” to the Mercy Seat.

    When we seek Him, He never fails to be fully present! When we seek wisdom, Chokmah…skill for living and skill for war,
    He will provide all we need to strengthen our skill and to defeat the enemy. His word is alive and instructive, His Spirit
    is LIGHT LIFE AND UNITY and His Spirit is within…deep and in the middle of His holiness. We must seek Him there.

    Our living Lord Yeshua is our mighty Counselor and Prince of Peace! When we boldly seek HIM as Sar Shalom, we
    have found our purpose! For our peace can never be found any other way except inside the Tabernacle, and to the Mercy Seat where HE waits to lavish us with all that He has planned for us. His plans for us are GOOD! We have been
    chosen for this moment, this place in time and in space, to draw ourselves, and all whom He sends to us into His light.

    Baruch Ha Shem.


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